The Doula Support Subsidy Program is aimed at helping families in need of financial assistance secure birth and postpartum doula support.

Families in need of financial assistance submit an application to the Doula Collective and propose the contribution that they could conceivably make towards doula fees. If the application is accepted, the Collective will match that amount from the Sabiha Fund which is generated by fundraising efforts alone. The Collective will then assist in matching the mother with the best doula for her according to doula availability.

More information on application criteria and our policy regarding this program will soon be available.

The program is named to help remember a sweet baby girl who could not stay in this world. Her parents decided to celebrate her life and the gifts that she gave them by giving to others. Because they believe so strongly in a woman's right to choose her own birthing scenario, in accessibility to doula support and in the movement towards a family friendly birth culture, they decided that this program should be the beneficiary. To honour their patronage and the journey that they have been on, it is with the deepest respect that the subsidy program is named "The Sabiha Fund".

Sabiha (Sah-BEE-yah) holds several meanings, one of which is "a beauty that touches many". We thank you for your contribution with all of our hearts. Your donation is a gift that will radiate outwards to our childbearing women and perhaps have profound effect on this time in their lives. Here's to more women being supported during childbirth and beyond.

To apply for the Sabiha Fund, fill out the application and send to


S a b i h a F u n d