Jeannie and Paul, first time parents
As first-time parents new to St. John's, we knew we wanted someone with knowledge and expertise to guide us through the labor and delivery process. Not only did our doula play an important role in our son's birth, but she provided much support pre and post-delivery. In fact, she was instrumental in getting mom and baby established in breastfeeding. Having an experienced birthing-support person at our side boosted our confidence and helped lessen the fear of labor - she was our advocate, and we wouldn't have had the positive experience we did, if it hadn't been for her.

Rebecca, first time mother
Jillian, Thanks so much for sharing this amazing journey with us, and for being such a great support for us since Sorcha's birth.

Ginny and Rod, first time parents
Our birthing experience was absolutely amazing! We were able to stick to our birth plan and have the natural birth we wanted. My husband and I were so pleased with our doula experience that we have told everyone we know about the amazing collective in Newfoundland. Our doula was so supportive before, during and after our birth experience, we will certainly sing her praises for years to come, and hope she is available for any of our future births. The arrival of our first born could not have gone more smoothly and we both thank our doula for everything she did for us, she is a wonderful addition to the NL collective. Thank you again and again!

Krista, first time mother
e cannot thank you enough for all that you've done. You made bringing Bryony Faye into this world such a wonderful and unforgettable experience. We were so blessed to have you with us.

Stephanie and Joe, first time parents
Our doula was an extremely significant element of our sonís birth and we feel that we would not have had such a happy and memorable delivery without her. She was knowledgeable and helpful with the preparation of our labour and she offered compassionate emotional support during the birth. As first time parents we were nervous of what lay ahead, but she gracefully eased many of our concerns and fears by answering all of our questions and helping us feel prepared for our special day. Her warmth and encouragement was a huge factor in having the birth experience that we envisioned - natural and without pain medication in a safe and caring atmosphere. We would not hesitate to have the assistance of a doula for our next child.

Kate, first time mother
My doula was an excellent complement to the help both my husband and the nurses could lend. Her expertise and assistance was invaluable in helping me progress through the majority of my labour without medicated pain relief. Every labouring mother should have access to a doula.

Jeremy, first time father
Our doula provided a wealth of knowledge, support and encouragement throughout our entire birth experience. We were especially impressed by her professionalism and dedication. I'd heartily recommend a doula to any expectant parents.

Lori, second time mother
Thank you so much for being there for us during Sadie's birth. It was a terrific experience for us and you were a huge part of that.